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Week by week pregnancy

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Week by week pregnancy
Written by Kate Morrison   

Week By Week Pregnancy: What To Expect

A week-by-week pregnancy education will help you to know what to expect throughout your pregnancy. For the first time mother, giving birth is an exciting time filled with a range of emotions. From happiness to anxiety and even feelings of being unattractive, it helps to know why you are feeling the way that you are. Realizing what is happening inside of you can help to make that happen.

In this basic week by week pregnancy guide to the way that you feel, you can see what exactly to expect. Here, instead of looking at what is happening with your baby, the week by week pregnancy look will focus on you and your body. The First Month During your first month of pregnancy, you may not feel as if you are pregnant at all. You likely will not gain weight. You may begin to see the first signs of pregnancy : morning sickness. It is likely, though, that your body is already beginning the transition of developing the fetus.

During these first weeks, the baby has started to grow from just a few small cells into layers of cells, building up to what amounts to a living being. During this time, your body is preparing for the baby. The sac in which your baby will grow is developing even as the child itself is. During this first month, perhaps by the third week, you may notice some spotting and cramping, but this is not your period coming on. Rather, it is caused by the implantation of the embryo. The first four weeks of pregnancy are times for development within your body including the development of the amniotic cavity, which fills with fluid to protect the baby and the placenta, which works to bring the baby oxygen and the nutrients it needs are forming within your body.

Month Two

During month two, your body may still not be showing any real symptoms of pregnancy, but some women are already in the throws of morning sickness. What's more, you may feel your breasts tingling, fatigue setting in and you may feel that you need to urinate more often. Your baby is less than .05 inches long but